Abstract-Art-Inspired Epoxy Chip Floors for Contemporary Spaces

Throughout the years, flooring trends have evolved from basic to intricate styles. Nowadays, epoxy flooring has been swiftly gaining traction. For instance, chip epoxy flooring Orlando is easy to produce, clean, and maintain, all without sacrificing good looks. If you are looking for modern visual appeal, epoxy flooring can complement any contemporary space.

Flooring Ideas

abstract chip epoxy floorIf you’re a huge fan of abstract art, why not take it further with abstract-paint-inspired flooring? Do you have residential floors or commercial properties in need of creative upgrades? You’ll surely love our list of epoxy chip floor designs for you. Read on to get some flooring ideas!

  • Terrazzo-Style Epoxy Chip Flooring

Terrazzo flooring may give you a modern vibe, but did you know that the terrazzo style we know and love today is thought to have originated in 16th century Italy? Terrazzo is commonly made of small chips of marble, granite, and glass bonded together with cement that was then polished to create beautiful speckled surfaces. With chip epoxy, you can easily replicate this style to create elegant and durable flooring.

  • Pollock’s ‘Drip and Splash’ Floor Style

Pollock is the most famous abstract expressionist during the advent of the pop-culture era. His trademark is the ‘drip and splash’ style, also known as the all-over painting method. Think of a young child’s scribbles, but make them more dramatic. 

It plays with particles of oil paint. It is let to drip onto the canvas and on random items from the artist’s studio, powerfully portraying the artist’s emotions. With epoxy’s ability to create 3D floors, you can easily layer your paint and chip epoxy to produce your own Pollock-inspired floor design.

  • Mondrian-Inspired Minimalist Floors

Piet Mondrian is known for his linear and geometric abstract paintings. His work revolves around white, yellow, red, and blue patterns bordered with black lines. If you opt for minimalist designs but love vibrant colors, try Mondrian-inspired flooring add splatters of chip epoxy for a little contrast.

  • Robert Delaunay’s Circular Form Floor Design

Delaunay’s “Circular Forms” may be his most remarkable piece, but most of his paintings share a similar characteristic with the former: they contain circles. He also employed vibrant colors in his works, which can grab anyone’s attention. With epoxy, you can install these designs in your lobby as a standout welcome piece.

  • Janet Twinn’s Quilt-Style Floor Design

This last artist may not be a painter, but she creates abstract art through fabric. This contemporary quilt artist employs geometric elements and vivid colors to create a striking visual impact. 

Twinn’s abstract designs vary from landscapes, changing of seasons, and passing of time. If you love elements of nature, you can draw inspiration from her plans for your epoxy flooring.

Is Chip Epoxy Floor for You?

Your floor-style choice is one of the most crucial factors you have to consider when improving your home or commercial space. With its versatility and durability, along with other benefits, epoxy is one of the most popular concrete flooring options that produces a contemporary look. 


Chip epoxy looks good and comes with many color options, making it a perfect material to create an abstract-painting effect for your floor.

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