Chip Epoxy Flooring Orlando: Seamless and Chemical Resistant

Are you frustrated by the limitations of conventional flooring — its lack of visual appeal, difficulty in cleaning, and vulnerability to wear and tear? In dynamic settings, especially those with high foot traffic, traditional options may fall short. The requirement for a resilient, seamless, and visually pleasing flooring solution is evident.

At Orlando Epoxy, we believe in transforming spaces into works of art through our specialized chip epoxy flooring solutions. If you’re seeking a seamless, durable, and visually stunning flooring option in Orlando, you’ve come to the right place.

 Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing not just floors, but a foundation for a space that combines beauty with resilience. Explore the world of Orlando Epoxy, where every step is a brushstroke of excellence.

Durable and Economic Epoxy Flooring System

Epoxy flooring offers a variety of coating systems to best suit your needs. Chip epoxy comes in a multicolored design. In this variant, the epoxy mixture is added with paint chips and flakes, creating a distinct color, pattern, and texture. 

Chip epoxy flooring, known for its professional installation, industrial-grade durability, and decorative aesthetics, utilizes high-quality resin to create a slip-resistant finish. 

This innovative and cost-effective coating system is ideal for various areas, including retail and commercial spaces, garages, basements, food manufacturing facilities, and hallways. 

With long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance, this modern flooring solution is sure to delight your properties and elevate their visual appeal. Choose the expertise of a professional contractor to ensure a seamless and economical transformation of your interior floors.

Choosing Your Colors

Chipped paints, when added to the epoxy coating, creates a unique texture. Earthy and neutral colors are abundant in this flooring type. You can achieve two distinct styles with chipped paints added to the design coating of the floors. It can either be fine or coarse.

The fusion of red, blue, black, grey, and white are the most common colors. These styles add life and fun-factors to dull spaces. Dynamic and busy areas at home, such as garages and basements, will transform when enhanced with chip epoxy floors.

To achieve whether you like a coarse or fine texture, know the standard sizes for these tiny additives. The smallest diameter is 1/32 inch. This is your choice for creating delicate patterns. The largest diameter of the chip paints is 1 inch. You will opt to use the more pronounced chip sizes for making irregular patterns best for action-packed spaces like your garage or a manufacturing laboratory.

To guide you in choosing your colors, there are three main points for you:

black tire inside the garage

Areas of Installation

The color you will choose will depend on where you want to add chip floors—darker colors, camouflage stains, and chemicals. Dark marks from heat are the ones you want to keep away from your sight. There are no other places where you will often encounter these but the garage and the basement.

Garage. Garage areas and the basement often pass through your attention. The problem most often could be that these places seem too dull and gory to look at. This is precisely the reason why chip epoxy floors are created! 

Epoxy garage flooring with chipped textures adapts easily to the grimy and greasy actions. 

Basement. Revamp your properties with functional basements. Chipped designs will brighten up the floors! You can have cool bluish chipped floors or create a fiery red themed basement for entertainment purposes. There is no going wrong when you start decorating the concrete foundations in your properties. Everything will flow right from the sturdy floors.

Function and Purpose

The busy floors are the best buddies of the chipped design. Retail spaces and high-foot traffic areas need an economical solution for redesigning their spaces. 

The unique style of chipped paints on the flooring quickly provides an adaptable aesthetic in terms of design. Anywhere you need to make a quick makeover on the floors, you got this innovative product for you. 

Stain & Chemical Resistant- your floors can resist chemicals and stains. The surface becomes smooth and dense. When a chemical or other liquid product is spilled, these will easily be removed. A simple wiping and mopping will fix it. 

Anti-chemical and anti-stain floors are necessary among food labs, cafeterias, kitchens, and manufacturing areas.

Blue chipped and triple colored chipped floors are suitable matches for these functional spaces.

High-Foot traffic Areas – Storage rooms, receiving areas, or transition rooms are high foot traffic areas—hallways of a retail space or malls unnecessary downtime. 

For an instant makeover, chipped flooring will enhance these spaces in no time. You also need this flooring type for forklift areas where carts and wheeled trolleys come in and out. The floors will be prone to abrasion and scratches that can ruin the floors. 

Efficiently provide protection and transformation when you cover these surfaces with chipped designs.

marble inspired garage flooring

Color Options

Neutral Combinations

The neutral themed chip colors combine triple sets of colors. A grey base is enhanced with small chip sizes that come in darker shades of tan or black. This is balanced with sprinkles of white.

  • Savannah Black and White Combination
  • Nevada Floor Muted Grey 
  • Wrangler Floor Grey with Dark Tan Chips

Fiery Red Options

Suppose your theme is around the warmer spectrum. Red tones can be subdued or have it more vibrant. To create the chipped effect, you will need to add delicate shades of washed pink or skin-toned chips. 

Be careful when choosing this color theme. Get an expert’s advice to make it coincide in the area you choose to install.

  • Chimney Floor Flake Chips
  • Sierra Flake Chips

Aggregate- Inspired Floors

Aggregate-inspired creates a beautiful play of cool colors on grey. Do you want green on a grey color palette? If you have a cafe or kitchen area that you like to pop with a unique style, this flooring option is for you. 

  • Gravel Fake Chips
  • Smoke Floro Flake Chips
  • Asphalt Floor Flake Chips

There is more with chipped epoxy floors. If you still doubt how these floors fit in your properties, call the pros now! Orlando Epoxy team is on standby for all your queries!

Chipped Patterns for Chic, Seamless Floors

The chipped patterns, achieved by combining two to three or more flaked paints or pigments, add a unique touch to our floor coatings services. These coatings, expertly applied by our experienced epoxy floor installer, create an artistic design with the chipped colors emerging on the surface.

The expert’s skill is crucial in evenly distributing the flaked and chipped additives as the epoxy floor coating sets, ensuring a seamless surface that enhances the durability and aesthetic range of the flooring. 

This meticulous process not only transforms your floors into a contemporary art masterpiece but also prevents potential damage, cracks, and the need for extensive maintenance, leaving customers satisfied with a job well done. 

Trust our company for a range of services that cater to both residential and business projects, ensuring a flawless coating process and delighted customers at the end of each project.

Don't wait any longer! Transform your spaces with the charm of chip epoxy flooring. Contact us today at (407) 794-1489 for a free quote, and let's bring the beauty of epoxy floors to your desired areas.
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