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You can find clear epoxy flooring often used among the vast halls in schools, institution buildings, museums, lounges, and other spacious flooring areas with moderate to light-heavy foot traffic.

If you need a flooring system that is not so picky with form but loves great function, clear flooring epoxy Orlando is a must-have. Do not underestimate a clear, plain pattern to grace the floors. Achieve the polished look of your commercial spaces and facilities that makes every head turn.

What is clear flooring epoxy?

A clear coat epoxy has two components: the known recipe for constructions, resin, and hardener. These two make a super durable material, epoxy when combined. The resulting product can equate its toughness to concrete.

That is why most flooring projects prefer epoxy for enhancing concrete floors. It adds to the flooring’s lifespan. 

While there are many variants of epoxy for aesthetic improvement, the clear coat epoxy gives a straightforward look. 

If it is for function rather than fashion you want for your floors, use clear coat epoxy. The material unveils its most fundamental property, the resin.

Resin-based products, as a result, show off a glossy, sparkling surface.

There are more to the floors that shine! Check out clear coat’s features and benefits! Its pure plain form goes beyond great functions!

Find out how you can apply clear coat epoxy to your properties! Call (407) 794-1489 now! Talk to a local contractor near you today!

Features of Clear Epoxy Floor Coating

To give a clear, closer view of the clear coat epoxy from the inside out, here is the summary of the flooring specifications.

Clear-Coat Flooring Specifications

Appearance before applicationClear, glossy, thick resin in liquid
Appearance after applicationClear, dense, glossy surface
Suitable area of applicationConcrete surfaces
Coating propertiesEasy to apply, Quick to dry, 
OdorAlmost odorless at typical distance,
ComponentsTwo part solid: resin + hardener
Curing time for light traffic area10 hours to 12 hours
Curing time for heavy traffic area72 to 98 hours
Concrete floor requirementConcrete surfaces
Pot time in room temperature Before solidifying, is 90 minutes
epoxy coated floor

Don’t you know that clear epoxy is safe and practical to use? Unlike other creative epoxies that generate designs and custom patterns, the clear coat does not have to. But it doesn’t mean that you should undermine its features.

  • Easy application. Pour and roll the mix over concrete flooring, and voila! Clear Coat flooring is ready for action.
  • Easy to clean. Wipe and wash! You may be surprised that a clear coat of epoxy repels stains. So, you can use this for areas that often get marks from tires and other vehicle traffic!
  • Easy to maintain. You won’t worry about flooring cracks. Clear resin floor coating will reveal stains and damages that are easy to prevent, so you can prevent them from going worse. Also, it is seldom that injuries occur. Since the base footings are made of two-component solid material, it resists breaking due to heavy impact.
  • Cures Fast. Since the clear epoxy coating consists of pure resin without any paint additives, the curing process is much faster. 
  • Low odor/Low VOC. Do you know that epoxy products are construction materials for they emit low odor while in use? So that you can work with your flooring projects efficiently without any hassle. Contractors are safe while installing the product, for it does not fume a heavy stance of chemicals. 
  • Easy Install. You know those times when you need a quick but efficient and effective solution to making your properties a livable space.

The resin floor coating uses a simple installation process where the finished reflects a high gloss surface that looks neat and bright. No need for decorative additives, or you can do so once you have the clear epoxy flooring. 

  • Customizable. You may decide to 90enhance your clear flooring with decorative vinyl chips and paints.
  • Efficient flooring product. You can use the clear coat as the final form of your floors. You may also use other parts of your properties that need flooring repairs, such as floor sealer or coating.

Sustainable. Once you have the clear coating on your floors, you can restore or revive it by recoating your epoxy. You do not need to pay tons of cash to remove the existing coated floors. A professional flooring installer can work on your epoxy over epoxy.

Steps How to Apply Clear Coat Epoxy

Clean.Dry. Apply. Cure and clean again! There are only four basic steps you need to keep in mind for epoxy floor application. You may find epoxy application an easy task. And you can sure DIY your way through installing the epoxy floors. But here are the steps that professional epoxy floor contractors do to provide a seamless job!

Stage 1- Preparation

If you apply the clear coating with tiny dust and hard-to-see debris of solid particles, you will fail at installing the coating. Take the whole process to your professional contractors. Step one is what they do best.

You need to consider that the product’s effectiveness relies on the prepping stage. Doing the cleaning in the first stage results in even coating.

Smooth coating finishes with smooth, polished flooring. Keep that in mind.

Preparing epoxy mix

Stage 2- Coating Mix

Once you clean and wash the floors from all debris, prepare the coating mix now. Combining the thick, dense coating is no easy task. It’s no rocket science either. What to do here’s that the contractor uses a power mixer. It is a tool that is specific to epoxy. With this tool, the proxy achieves just the right amount of consistency. 

The trouble comes if a non-professional over mixes the coating or does it with less power. These steps reveal that DIY epoxy is not recommended unless you have the tools and the proper skills to use them.

Stage 3- Clear Coat Application

At this stage, you need to consider a few crucial factors for successful coating:

  • Vacuum the surface to remove dust and debris altogether.
  • Check the room temperature. All should be at 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit, combining the materials, the floor, and the air temperature.
  • Pour the mix over the surface, then use a phenolic roller for evenly spreading the resin coat on the surface. Preferably, use a roller attached with a ⅜ inch lint-free nap. 
  • Roll the mix all in the same direction for applying the clear coating. Unless you roll back the mix, creating a pattern that suits other decorative epoxy floors better.
  • Lastly, make sure to keep a wet edge and end of coating for coating expansion joints of the floor.
man applying epoxy

Stage 4- Curing Time and Coverage

Curing time will depend on the flooring requirement. Before you complain why some epoxy projects take time, ask yourself first of these particular matters:

  • Where will I need to coat their epoxy flooring?
  • Is it for heavy traffic areas? Or for light traffic areas?
  • What thickness must light or heavy traffic flooring require?
  • When do I need recoating for thick epoxy floors?

A light traffic flooring will cure the clear epoxy in at least 10 hours, while heavy traffic needs 72 – 98 hours to dry completely. 

Stage 5 – Clean Up!

After the curing stage, the floors are ready to walk on! But, before you use the entire space, make sure that the area is clean of materials. Make sure no buckets containing chemicals are lying around. Or see if there are hard tools that may scrape or scratch the floors. 

Maintain this condition by taking care of the floors. Professional Epoxy floors contractor near you will create your clear floors, safe and cost-saving flooring solutions!

Call (407) 794-1489 today to get your free estimate of clear coat epoxy! Orlando Epoxy Flooring services repair, epoxy installation, concrete floor resurfacing!

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