Best Commercial Epoxy Floor Designs

1- Dazzling Floors

Concrete floors do not seem to get enough attention due to their plain and grey appearance. The key to creating decorative concrete surfaces is epoxy. Epoxy flooring is an in-demand choice among commercial areas.

Offering unlimited design options and color themes is commercial epoxy installation Orlando. Today, it is rising in popularity among local residential properties.

Here are the top designs commercial owners go for when choosing epoxy floors. You can also apply these to your personal spaces. Find out here, as you read this blog, what ideas suit you best.

commercial floor designs

One of the reasons why epoxy is the commercial owner’s best flooring buddy is that it creates endless customizations. Here you can make glittery floors. Shimmering effects pop up from the surface.

Glittered floors are best for dimly lit interiors. A dance studio or music room can add a fun factor for commercial spaces when designed with radiant floors.

This technique is achieved by mixing glittered chip paints or metallic flakes into the epoxy mixture.

2- Patterned Floors

3D images are attainable with epoxy. Digitally printed photos or patterns make a design coat. A top coating of clear epoxy coating is applied after laying out the marks on the concrete surface.

You can customize your flooring system by having the brand name or business logo printed and installed on the surface.

3- Terrazzo Floors

Textured flooring adds a visual appeal to the surface. A concrete floor’s texture can be enhanced when the resin coating is mixed with an aggregate of chipped marble, stones, and other cementitious materials, like glass particles.

This is the most innovative epoxy-enhanced flooring solution. This method allows the utilization of tough and sturdy raw products to create an extra-strong flooring. This can equate to 3x more durability than regular epoxy.

couch with colored throw pillows on the living room area

4- Illusioned Floors

Optical illusion creates exciting images on the floors. This is also one of the top reasons why epoxy floorings are the most commercial spaces’ top choice for flooring. You can go out of the box when designing the footing s you walk on. Malls and museum benefits from these genius works of epoxy.

A residential area can also experiment with linear and geometric patterns. A home’s kitchen can add attraction when designed with unique flooring patterns. Your personal workspaces can also induce inspiration for creativity if you have an animated image on its surfacing.

Start exploring the endless possibilities of decorative items. You can also start by first refinishing your floors. A team of Epoxy Floor Orlando FL, can help to transform your home into the elegant and sophisticated space you’ve always dreamed of!

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