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Are you a commercial property in Orlando looking for an alternative flooring solution that is strong, convenient, and extremely budget-friendly? Orlando Epoxy can install epoxy flooring that is functional and beautiful to commercial properties all over Orlando, including retail stores, showrooms, professional kitchens, and schools. Our wide range of epoxy services is suitable for all types of flooring needs and concerns. We don’t compromise on quality – so you can trust our skilled and experienced to be using only the best in epoxy materials and equipment.

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Why You Need Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring performs extremely well in commercial properties. This is due to a number of characteristics epoxy floors have that other flooring materials lack:


You may already know that epoxy floors are extremely strong and durable, as it is usually the first thing people will tell you about the material. But what you may not know is that epoxy is the preferred choice for industrial properties because of how much stronger it is compared to other similar flooring materials. By combining special resins and hardeners, we are able to create an epoxy that stands the test of time against weight, pressure, drops, and foot traffic. That means that you never have to worry about whether your commercial flooring cracking under pressure or deteriorating after use. 


Epoxy floors are extremely long-lasting because they are so durable and generally never need to be replaced. Because while some flooring materials may advertise themselves as having great longevity, you may discover that they intend for you to ignore cracks and surface deterioration. With epoxy, when we see our floors have great longevity, we mean that they remain essentially brand-new and spotless for many years before they start to show signs of aging. And even with aging signs, there is nothing a recoat of epoxy can’t fix!


At Orlando Epoxy, we understand the importance of branding and versatility. And for commercial properties, it is extremely important to have flooring that not only reflects the company’s color scheme or logo, but it should also be unique and stand out from competitors. Physical space can make a big impact on a customer, and flooring is absolutely part of that. With our epoxy services, the options for customization always remain broad. That means that whether it is color, texture, finish, or design of your flooring, your input will always play an important role.

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Epoxy Solutions for Commercial Properties

At Orlando Epoxy, are epoxy solutions are exactly that – solutions. That means that beyond supplying flooring, we also provide a range of other services that can target specific flooring concerns you may have:

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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you are looking for an entry-level epoxy flooring option, epoxy floor coatings are the perfect option. While they still boast the same benefits you get with other epoxy systems, they have an easier installation process and a cheaper price tag. This kind of flooring is perfect for retail stores, where unique flooring and moderate durability are important. Commercial epoxy installation Orlando and epoxy coating can be done over just a few days, which is a massive decrease from the missed operational hours that are usually expected from a flooring installation. We have a large portfolio of available colors for those who want an epoxy floor coating installation, but we can also mix a custom color for you

Commercial Epoxy Flake

Epoxy flake floors are a definite step-up from regular epoxy floor coatings because they use not one, but three separate flooring materials in the installation, each with their own distinct uses and strengths. By combining epoxy, vinyl, and polyaspartic, we are able to deliver flooring that is high-build but that is attractive to look at. This makes epoxy flake floors the perfect choice for showrooms and restaurants where both functionality and aesthetics are important. To install an epoxy flake floor, we first lay down a base layer of our special epoxy. We then broadcast our vinyl chips over the wet epoxy to encourage adhesion and bonding. Once it has dried, it can be leveled off and prepared for the polyaspartic sealer, which is durable and UV-stable. With epoxy flake floors, you can also customize the color and size of the vinyl chips.

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Why Choose Orlando Epoxy

Orlando Epoxy is not only the leader in epoxy flooring, but it is most importantly a leader in providing epoxy solutions. We constantly strive to make flooring the best it can be for the people who need it – whether they are in residential commercial, or industrial properties. We pride ourselves on the incredible crew we have put together and the exceptional job we do at every project.

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