How do I decorate my space with clear flooring

Clear flooring epoxy Orlando provides spaces with polished and seamless floors. 

The surfaces are easy to clean and require low maintenance after a long time. 

Epoxy floors also allow you to have custom-designed flooring. But if you wish to have pure and plain polished floors, you can do so. 

But then, because the floors are gleaming with no other decor present on them, you might want to take other options to design your place.

How about adding stylish pieces of furniture, picking the color theme for a room, and so much more.

Today, read on this blog and find ways to decorate your space with clear flooring.

industrial kitchen with epoxy floor

Ways to Decorate Your Clear Epoxy Flooring

1. Use light-colored furniture and accents

2. Use light materials for the chairs and tables

One of the reasons why you probably want clear flooring is to make a room look larger.

Clear epoxy floor coating can brighten up a room. When you got minimal space at home, you can maximize having a clear and polished floor. 

And then, do not overdo the decors you put into your room. Opt for light-colored materials like beige, yellow, white, ecru, and pastel colors.

If you got clear flooring, what you want to achieve is the look of space. So, do not stuff your room with big couches, long sofas, bulky chairs, and tables. 

Choose furniture that tasks up a small space. Or, make use of corner tables and light-wooden chairs. You can also seize this opportunity to create DIY hanging frames and hanging shelves to save space on the concrete floors and use the walls instead.

3. Use perspectives, lines, and shapes

4. Maximize the use of vertical space

Are you wondering how artists and designers create an illusion of space? Another effective way to flaunt your clear floors with polished floor coating is through using lines and angles. 

You do not have to rely solely on stylish chairs or other decorative items. Finding the proper orientation of the items in a room will make a big difference.

Designing your items vertically also creates an image of space. Instead of just having a lounge or sofa that you set on a corner of a room, try using folding chairs. 

Revolving walls that when you pull the walls down it will reveal the living room’s sofabed. 

Or a bedroom that you can hide after nighttime to make way for the bright sun hitting the clear floors during the day. You let space come in as you hide other pieces of furniture behind a wall.

Cost of designing a clear flooring

In conclusion, clear flooring lets you choose practicality more than an elaborate style. Decorating a space often makes you think of expenses. 

When you can have a simple, seamless floor, a clean floor is simply stunning, and it can also be a choice if you want to make a significant change in your properties.

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