Can you do epoxy flooring yourself?

Epoxy installation and polyaspartic polyurea Orlando services can cost quite a huge expense. But can you do epoxy flooring yourself so that you can cut professional costs? Yes! That is if you are dealing with a small concrete garage area. Consider time and area-size. 

A quick coating of the 1-day flooring does it well. But a 3-car garage area is going to be too much work for you. You need a team of professional flooring installers to get it done. In case you want to upgrade with a one-day coating, polyurea floors, you will surely need the pros. 

Before you DIY epoxy floors, you need to prepare the concrete surfaces. How to prepare epoxy flooring, you must ask. Here are the necessary steps:

  • Clean and patch the floors
  • Repair cracks
  • Prepare the floor: grinding, sanding, shot blasting, or etching
  • Prepare base coating

Concrete floors in your garages, basement, and commercial properties need protective sealers to make them high-performance and durable. Epoxy floors and polyurea coatings are the top choices for remodeling these spaces. 


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How to DIY Epoxy Flooring?

You can DIY epoxy flooring. But how? At first, a DIY epoxy idea sounds fun and exciting for you. But wait until you see the necessary process before you pour epoxy like regular paint in your concrete floors.

First Step: consider the factors

Professional concrete flooring contractors and installers take high-note of the following factors, so you should, too:

  • Time of day when to install
  • The weather or climate in your area
  • Apply or pour epoxy during the warmest time of the day
  • The flooring surface must be free from any solid materials
  • The flooring surface must be free from moisture
  • The base coat epoxy must cure entirely before any sealing or top coating 
  • The cost of installation depends on the area size

Next Step: proper epoxy mix proportions

DIY epoxy fails most of the time by ignoring the factors listed above. Moreover, DIY epoxy is not recommended if the user cannot identify or get the right proportions of the resin and hardener. The epoxy solution also requires quick mixing tools. Or at least the installer has reasonable control of the mixing stick to combine the epoxy mix parts.

After the installer gets the right mix. The floor is ready for coating. There are three crucial layers when applying epoxy:

  • Basecoat
  • Design Coat
  • Top Coat or final sealing

Suppose an installer does not know the right thickness and the differences in how to do these three; It is time that you call a professional epoxy installer. 

While you can customize the design coat, with the help of an expert installer, you will be able to print the right measure that will fit just right in your flooring area.

The base coat is crucial, too. Some floors require a thicker or a thin base coating. It is then where the professional flooring contractors come., They have the right skills and experience to identify your flooring requirements.


Final Step: proper sealing

Epoxy floor coatings are a type of sealer. But the first layers of the epoxy are just the primer. Final layers of top coating will enhance and ensure that the epoxy floorings stay strong and durable. Also, if you use a clear coat of epoxy, the final coating must proceed. It is crucial to seal and protect the shiny, polished d surface on the epoxy floors.

How Much Does it Cost Epoxy Installation?

Time, area size, and labor requirement tell the cost of installation. Epoxy installation costs an average of $120 to $150 for a three-car garage floor area-size.

Know the difference you can get when you contact a local epoxy flooring installer. The cost will vary since you will reach a local team near you, and supplies will be more accessible. 

Final Considerations

Having to do epoxy flooring yourself will require searching for certified suppliers. Is there an epoxy flooring near you in Orlando? Think of the time and effort you will spend looking for quality material. At the end of the process, you will ask for the help and advice of the pros.

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