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Designing Epoxy Floors with the 2023 Color Trends

If you are a design geek and want every element in your spaces to go well with the latest trends, epoxy flooring is your best bet. In 2023, you can find a range of shades and sparkles with Orlando metallic epoxy floor designs.

Five of the top color and paint companies had already revealed their color palette of the year.

You will take a closer peek at these themes from this blog.

2023 Color Trends For Epoxy Floor

See something that will match your spaces. If you are into the business, incorporating loud colors like Viva Magenta in your retail areas could be a great idea. If that would be a challenge, you can still pick from the other famous paint providers and get inspiration from their color catalog.

Here are some color designs that you can consider for your space based on the 2023 trends:

Viva Magenta

This bright magenta shade from PPG is about making a bold statement. The color encourages you to take risks and be fearless in your approach to life. It creates a perfect background for a striking, exciting epoxy floor design.

viva magenta color of 2023

Pixel White

Based on AkzoNobel’s 2021-2022 palette, Pixel White is the shade of white that will dominate the design world. It is a creamy and subtle shade of white, perfect for creating modern, minimalistic epoxy floors with a hint of sophistication.

pixel white color

Spanish Moss

The elegant silvery green-gray Spanish Moss by Krylon is for people who like smooth, natural colors. It is a color that can balance out both cold and warm colors. You can match this color with gold, copper, and a white marble effect. You can do all of that with metallic epoxy.

Vining Ivy

This subtle saturated jewel-toned aqua blue is for those who love a sophisticated velvety look of the sea. People who want peace and a modern look will love it. Warm colors like sandstone, marigold, and cantaloupe go well with it. Or match it with neutral tones with a warm undertone, like wheat.

2023 vining ivy color


Wenge by Benjamin Moore will work for you if you like earthy tones and browns with a touch of violet and a more “put-together” look. 

Deep chocolate features don’t just look like food; they also look sleek, like the heartwood used in modern spaces. That makes it ideal to use epoxy in that shade to make fake wood planks.

wenge background color

Why Use Trendy Colors For Epoxy Flooring?

With trendy colors in your epoxy flooring, you don’t just get a place that looks nice and put together; you also get:

  • Starter for a talk
  • Source of comfort
  • Power source
  • Safe route

Combine Color and Coolness in your Spaces

Thanks to its durable properties, epoxy flooring can be used on residential and commercial floor surfaces. There are a lot of new colors you can use for flooring in 2023. You should never miss out on bringing in the new year with a fresh and exciting vibe.

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