Distinctly Epoxy: What is Special about Industrial Epoxy Orlando?

Amid many innovative floors surfacing today, epoxy remains as the King! Finding its natural niche among warehouses, pharmaceutical labs, and even aerospace facilities, industrial epoxy style provides stylish and cost-efficient concrete floorings.

The remarkable thing about industrial epoxy is that it maintains its legacy among various commercial properties.
Find out the best of the benefits it brings among high-performance concrete floors in today’s blog!

epoxy flake floor up close

Distinctly Epoxy! 5 Best of the Benefits

1. Low VOC

First on this list, epoxy is unique because it is low in VOC. Let us talk about low VOCs. What is it exactly? VOC refers to volatile organic compounds. These are gases that porous solids and specific types of liquids emit.

VOC emission happens when the pores react to other matter as gas or liquid. Moisture reacts to the substrates and emits tiny cement particles; you cannot see them. But, because they are small, you will not be aware that it mixes into the air you breathe.

Porous cement emissions are known to be dangerous for people with asthma and other lung-related health risks.

2. Chemical Resilience

Chemical resilient floors first belonged to epoxy. Among other resurfacing techniques, industrial spaces put full confidence in epoxy flooring. Unlike staining and other types of concrete coatings, epoxy acts as an adhesive that bonds tightly on the concrete surface.

Unlike your homes, industrial facilities are regularly exposed to harsh environments. Laboratories always interact with chemicals. Food manufacturing often gets the floors messy. The ground becomes a mixing plate of all sorts, with foods, liquid, and solid ingredients, falling on it non-stop.

man applying epoxy orlando

It repels chemicals by providing traction on the surface. In this way, liquids will not leak through the pores and will not penetrate the concrete.

3. Wear-resistant for the Warehouses

Floors with large-area sizes, like those in the warehouses, are tricky to manage. And most of the time, warehouses will not opt to design floors prone to wear and tear. It’s not practical to dress up commercial spaces with too much style.

A simple and practical solution is to provide simple polishing. A well-cleaned floor is simply stunning. A surface that beams with clarity, no mess, and no stain, is perfect for production areas, laboratories, massive parking spaces, and forklift areas.


shiny hallway with epoxy floors

Epoxy flooring is thus great for medical facilities, hospitals, food houses, and restaurants. Quick-to-remove stains also mean that bacteria and viruses are easily removed, too. Nothing else can offer the floors a health-friendly solution but only epoxy.

4. Locks in Safety

Safety is the number one priority for spaces that work with large equipment and heavy traffic areas. Concrete wears down due to dynamic people passing back and forth on it.

Despite its long-lasting features, its pot life decreases when exposed to too many harmful factors. You can lock in safety when damaged floors are reduced. The epoxy coating prevents cracks and dents. So, moving on the floors will be a breeze.

5. Splendid Floors

All the above mentioned when combined results in superior, splendid floors. Epoxy produces a lasting gloss over the surface. What used to be a drab, boring cement now turns into flawless stunning clear flooring. It’s special to industrial spaces because maintaining clean and clear flooring is a real challenge.

You will not even think that the pristine surface you are looking at belongs to a busy space.

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