5 Designers’ Epoxy Flake Color Choices

Modern, durable, and budget-friendly! These are what you see on epoxy flake floors Orlando. Flakes and chips of paint additives mixed in the epoxy produce a distinct and unique flooring design. This system also offers you countless color combinations.

As a modern way of lifting the look of floors, flaked chip paint colors are also customizable. Strap on your coloring dictionary as you read this article uncovering the colors of flaked epoxy flooring. What is flaked epoxy first?

Why flaked?

Epoxy is a thermosetting product that enhances concrete sublayers. The surface is extra strong that resists harmful chemicals and massive impacts. With its fast cure system, the floors can be walked on in just half of the day. To add style to the epoxy floor’s topcoat, flakes and paint chips are decorative additives that become part of the floor. It gives a distinct look and texture.

Flake epoxy floor is popular among industrial and commercial spaces. Basement and garage floor epoxy is getting the attention of owners who like to provide their homes with a functional space.

Color Choices

Colors can be tricky. Only that eye for design picks the right paint chips that go together. Flaked floors can turn into an eye-sore if not executed well. Worry no more. Here are the designers’ choice of colors for flaked epoxy.

epoxy flake floor up close
epoxy chip floor coating

1. Grey Stone

Grey is easy to manage is not as dull or stark as black. It is not also hard to work as white. A neutral color scheme easily fits anywhere. Grey flaked floors can transform bare commercial floors into unique functional space. The grey flaked pattern can also replicate a look of a natural stone. The flaked prints come out as gravel-like effect.

2. Sprinkle of Sandstone

A sandstone inspired colored-flake produces a light brownish or skin color. You can also play with its shades. You can mix in together contrast of soft tones, khaki to darker tussock color.

3. Shades of Sienna and Sepia

A more distinct earthy theme, a monochrome combination of sienna ana sepia gives a muted reddish-brown tone. Earthy flake epoxy floor can fit small retail spaces that sell the same concept. Or simply have it in your personal office at home where you have a rustic country theme. You can get this product title as Portabello epoxy flake color.

4. Fiery Red for Floors

Red is another hard to incorporate color, especially for floors. It’s either you will set up hell in your space or a goddess of fire theme for your creative workspace. You can get inspired by a particular Sundek product, the Fire Brick flake epoxy color. Don’t overdo red. Make it look simple and subtle, mixing a sandstone color as a base color coat.

5. Triple colors with Turquoise

Shades of blue can take you from the sky to the ocean. Blue can be straightforward on the eye. It is easily distinguished, but it can be a distraction when using flake colors than a dream flooring come true. Have a look at the muted turquoise flake floor, tilted “Dolphin.” It combines a subdued bluish-green color and light tan or sandstone shades. A hint of black and white base or topcoat blends underneath to break from the delicate patterns.

Notice the natural dyes. They create hundreds. That is what flake epoxy colors are, too.

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