What Furniture Suits my Metallic Floor?

metallic floor living roomAt last, you have begun to install Metallic Epoxy Floor Orlando FL in your residential spaces. Your commercial floors, too, got their long-awaited upgrade with the metallic versions of your favorite epoxy design. But now you came face to face with this shiny concrete,” what furniture will suit my metallic floors? 

The shining, glittering effect on the concrete surface may make it hard for you to find a matching chair, table, and other decors. Metallic space looks luscious and shines brightly before your eyes. However, it’s quite tricky to design.

It can quickly adapt to the electrifying and dynamic setup for busy interactive spaces such as garages and playrooms. But how about your retail spaces? A commercial office space? You’ll need experts to guide you. 

Good thing today’s tips come straight from the experts. Here is a materials guide for finding the perfect match of furniture to your metallic concrete floorings.

1- Black Matte Metal Chairs and for Metallic

Build up from the basics. If you got a metallic palette, it would not be hard for you to think from the same category. Metallic materials will suit well. It’s easy to match it with the stainless steel look of the flooring surfaces. 

Metal chairs are easy to access for you, too. Many furniture brands specialize in steel furniture. Go search for black matte metal chairs. You do not have to go all-out metallic entirely. Achieve the right balance of steel with a matte finish on your stainless chairs and tables.

2- Marble Pattern Vynil Mat or Lino

Metallic gleam gives out thin, crisp lighting on the surface. The floors appear smooth. Now you got face to face with one of the metallic floor’s disadvantages. It now feels that you cannot do a lot of interior designing and styling on it. Experts do not disagree with you. Metallic may feel monotonous over time. 

To break the monotone metallic feel, try to add flooring accents such as pieces of vinyl mats or a square tile of linoleum cover to put over your entry steps. You can choose those with natural patterns like the marbled design. Incorporate earthy themes into your metallic floors.

3- Black Cabinets or Chest Box For a Corner Table

Do you have heavy, monotone furniture that you feel has no use? Dark heavy couches or bulky closet that seems too outdated may just be resting in your basement or storage areas. Don’t just let these take space. Use them to match your metallic floors in your kitchens, c=dining areas, or living rooms. 

Take this opportunity to reuse the old victorian-era styled corner cabinets. This idea got its influence from the old cabinets painted with metallic finishing that matches a white-washed wooden flooring. Turn the table surround by using rustic, wooden shelves or wall closets to accent a corner of your metallic concrete flooring.

4- Basics Black and White

The final advice for you is to go back to the basics. If you got those zebra print couches and sofas or a black and white striped carpet, you can mix and match them with metallic epoxy floors.

Looking and the lustrous might got you thinking hard on what to use to style your interior. If a design direction you want to go to looks too overwhelming, then go back to the basic. 

The raw blend of black and white will always work wonders for your design. 

The contrasting extreme shades give a color balance to the metallic surfacings’ maximalist appeal to the minimalist dual-tone combination of neutral colors.


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