Epoxy Garage Floors Orlando, FL: Designs, Perks & Installation Process

Are you looking to remodel your garage floor? Do you dream of a garage space that not only looks stunning but also stands up to the toughest wear and tear? Look no further than Orlando Epoxy, your trusted partner in transforming ordinary garage floors into extraordinary spaces!  

Orlando Epoxy install high-quality garage epoxy floors to help property owners make their garage area more efficient.

If you are are looking for a professional contractor around Orlando, FL, you can count on us. Our team of certified contractors is skilled and experienced in providing durable epoxy garage floor that last for many years. We have a wide range of garage epoxy flooring design finishes that would surely compliment the existing design of your home or business spaces

Epoxy Garage Design Options

Epoxy flooring is made of resins and hardeners. This two-part system is mixed together in precise measurements. The mixture is applied on the surface and distributed evenly to cure. Once it completely cures, it will turn into a plastic-like material that is durable enough for spaces that are exposed to impact and pressure. Epoxy coating is a perfect flooring system for garage floors due to its durability, cost-effectivity, low maintenance, and long-lasting finish. Some of the epoxy garage floors Orlando designs you can choose from include:


garage epoxy flake floorFlakes epoxy garage flooring design can also be applied to areas such as kitchen, basements, living rooms, and offices. This type of epoxy flooring design is applied on the surface in three parts. On the first layer, an epoxy coating will be applied, and while the coating is still wet, the chips will be poured, which serves as a second layer. The second layer adds strength, color, and dimension to the coating. To lock everything in place, a polyaspartic coating will be applied, which serves as the third and final coating. 

Flakes epoxy floors became popular because of its impressive durability and design. Flakes chips are available in a variety colorways, but it can also be customized based on your preferred color, texture, and style.


metallic epoxy garage flooringIf you want an epoxy garage flooring design that’s unique at the same time appealing, metallic epoxy flooring is the best option for you. Metallic epoxy flooring design provides a multi-dimensional look due to its glittery particles and natural shine. This type of epoxy flooring design is installed by mixing glitter chips and epoxy coating, a colorant is sometimes added to enhance the flooring finish. Once the mixture is ready, it will be poured on the surface and will be distributed evenly

If you need the durability and maintenance of epoxy floor coatings but are looking for something more unique, we also install metallic floor epoxy in the garage. Epoxy metallic effects have a multi-dimensional chrome appearance where particles in the floors glitter and shine. This is done by mixing glitter aggregates into the epoxy mixture, sometimes also with a colorant to add more design. By incorporating it into the epoxy, you get an even distribution of glitter on the floor.


epoxy terrazzo flooring garage in orlandoTerrazzo has been a popular flooring design since the 1500s. The concept was created by the Venetians. Over the years, this type of flooring design developed a more durable material by mixing epoxy coating and terrazzo chips. Compared to other designs, this needs a thicker coating application.

Epoxy Garage Floor Perks

  • Simple Installation Steps

Compared to other types of flooring installations that are time-consuming, epoxy floors only take 1-2 days to install. Although you have an option for DIY epoxy flooring installation, it is recommended to have ist done by a professional to ensure the quality and durability of the material. 

  • Durable Flooring Finish 

Epoxy floors are known for their durability, especially if it’s done by an experienced and skilled contractor. Once an epoxy coating completely cures, it turns out to be a very hard plastic finish that is resistant to any type for flooring damage.   

  • Resistant to Floor Damage 

Since epoxy floor cures like a hard plastic, the material resistant any types of floor damage, including chemical spills, impact, stains, abrasions, and even moisture. 

  • Aesthetically Appealing Finish

Your garage floor do not only provide a durable flooring system. It also makes your garage area aesthetically pleasing. With epoxy floors, it is now possible to say goodbye to your messy, greasy, and discolored garage floors. Garage epoxy floors come with a variety of designs to choose from, you would surely find the design that would suit your taste.   

  • Slip and Skid Resistant

Epoxy floors usually look shiny, but that does not mean that it’s slippery. This type of flooring system is safe because it is skid and slip-resistant, which is perfect for your garage area. It provides a seamless and smooth flooring finish. Additives can be added on the top layer to further increase traction on the surface.   

  • Affordable Price Point  

Epoxy floors are considered to be one of the most affordable flooring systems in the market. There is no need to remove the concrete slab in order to replace your garage flooring material. Epoxy flooring is installed on the existing concrete surface, which will save time and money.  

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain 

While other types of flooring systems require special cleaning to maintain the aesthetic of the area, epoxy floors require minimal cleaning. A simple sweeping and mopping are enough to get rid of dirt or liquid spills.

Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

praparing concrete floor for epoxy installationProfessional epoxy flooring contractors are skilled and experienced in using the right tools and equipment for epoxy floor installation. To give you an idea of how the installation process goes, we have listed the steps below:

Step One

Our contractor will assess the garage area to analyze what needs to be done. This will also be an opportunity for the installers to check if the surface would be perfect for epoxy adhesion.

Step Two

Surface preparation starts with getting rid of any existing sealer, paint, or grease on the garage flooring surface. Any surface damages such as cracks and holes will be fixed before the epoxy installation to prevent future issues.

Step Three

epoxy mortar floorThe surface will then be clean thoroughly using water and soap. After that, the surface will be rinsed using a hose or pressure washer then will be air-dried.

Step Four

To ensure that the epoxy coating will adhere to the concrete surface, etching or concrete pores should be opened using citric acid or muriatic acid. Some installers use a grinding machine for etching because it is much safer.

Step Five

Both epoxy resin and hardeners will be mixed and will be evenly applied on the surface. Epoxy coating preparation depends on the preferred flooring design finish.

Step Six

epoxy flooringAfter applying the epoxy coating, it needs several hours to dry completely. The excess chips will be vacuumed or swept off the surface.

Step Seven

An additional coating will be applied to the top layer to keep everything in place. This step can be optional.

Transform your garage with lasting flooring! Our expert epoxy contractors are ready to elevate your space. Contact us at (407) 794-1489 for a free quote and let’s bring your vision to life!

Orlando Epoxy is a superior epoxy flooring contractor that offers high-quality coating solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. If you need to enhance the look of your garage area using epoxy coatings, you can count on us. 

Our expert services encompass a diverse range, from resurfacing to protection against chemicals and heavy traffic. Our glossy finishes come in a spectrum of colors, allowing you the freedom of choice to match your style. We take pride in our commitment to providing top-notch services, ensuring your project is a resounding success.

Contact us for a free consultation, and if you want to know the epoxy garage floor cost in Orlando, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your garage transformation is just a touch away with Orlando Epoxy!

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