2 Reasons Why You Should Hire Epoxy Floor Experts

The number one advantage of this flooring is its easiness. It is long-lasting and has low-maintenance. Both traits are guaranteed as long as proper care is regularly followed.

One might think that this simpleness is also present to its first step– the coating application.

Is epoxy flooring easy to install?

At a glance, this project seems simple enough to be done by anybody. 

But it is easier to contact professionals for epoxy floor installation on the garage or basement workspace. 

Choose the easier option with these benefits that only experts can offer:

man applying epoxy orlando
  1. Contractors know what to look for. 

Despite much DIY content available, these materials only serve as a checklist of essential factors to consider before starting. Also, these guides are usually written or produced in its simplest form for general understanding. However, any floor installation involves specific tools and procedures that may not be easily done after the first try. 

When you hire professional help, they will prevent these common problems:

  • Problems with old floors 
  • Floors with previous installations need to be cleaned thoroughly before applying a new coating. When stains and other dried up liquids were left unchecked, removing these stubborn marks is time-consuming. Sealing cracks is another issue. If solving these problems is done improperly, one might damage the floor completely.
  • Incompatible and insufficient materials
  • There are too many materials to choose from. Without the advice of experts, one might devotedly follow the steps in the online video they saw. 

For example, watching how to prepare the substrate is easy. The actual mixing and preparation of this adhesive is an entirely different matter. 

Another risk is that the proportion of the prescribed epoxy product might be unequal to the other floor materials, such as a primer. This is not the last mixture for this project. Combining resin and hardener is also done eventually. 

One missed step from any of the steps and the floor bond becomes weak, bubbles have appeared, or the coating is too soft. Without expert care, there are too many scenarios that may lead to unusable results. 

  • Preparation of the surface
  • For the epoxy to be applied correctly, one needs to remove dust and dirt on the surface. Before the installation, cleaning the floor is important. These are thorough sweeping, washing, then drying. 

Afterward, the complex steps are grinding or shot blasting. Both are needed prep to ensure the ground’s smoothness. If these are not done, the life span of the floor is compromised. 


  • Humidity 
  • Moisture greatly affects the final result of the coating. Failed attempts are usually caused by this factor. Let professionals check your area if it is conducive to the coating. They have the means to do so.
  1. Contractors help you save money and time.
  2. Experts already have the right materials and high-end tools expected for this project. Rookie mistakes are costly, both in terms of money and effort. For the latter, a possible example is the question, “How will employees, who are following a strict deadline, use their supposed workspace when its floor is still unfinished?”

The appeal of DIY projects is its cheapness. However, too many failed attempts are possible during epoxy floor installation. These errors cause headaches and additional spending. Prevent these and make the wiser choice: let professionals do their jobs instead of doing it yourselves.

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