Epoxy Floors: The Shield Your Industrial Workplace Needs


Office spaces and other establishments that are used for working and constant labor require more robust flooring.

The foot traffic gets mixed with equipment coming in and out and passing over the floors. This now makes industrial floors require stronger flooring materials like epoxy floors that can be maintained without effort, even if under constant pressure from various flooring activities.

The Importance of Durable and Resilient Epoxy Floors in Orlando's Industrial Settings

When considering commercial and industrial flooring improvements, the spotlight is turned to durability and resilience as crucial factors.

The floors with unmatched strength and lasting use do not only add value by having to pay less for repairs. In the longer term, the well-kept, high-demand floor surface remains pleasing to look at. It was clean and seamless even if thousands of soles had trampled the surface.

Resiliency is another unique factor that sets industrial floors apart from typical moderately high-traffic retail spaces or residential areas.

That fact being said, the question now would be, “So what is the best option to enhance tie spaces used for industrial work?

industrial epoxy commercial flooring

Conquering Industrial Workplaces with Epoxy Flooring

The one material with tough-as-nails quality is the epoxy flooring Orlando Florida local product. And it is literally tough as nails. If you witness it, once hard metallic objects hit the surface on an epoxy-enhanced floor, it results like nothing happened.

The shiny, smooth, mad-clear surface remains. Finding it hard to believe? Then, you need to read further and have this visualization through comparison.

Toughest Challenges among Industrial Spaces

Go and picture a wooden floor. The wood is as hard as it is when heavy objects with a metallic nature fall on the surface, leaving dents or scratch marks. How about plain concrete? The same would be the result. A concrete would chip if, for example, a hammer or a heavy appliance like a metal door hits the surface.

There could be thin scratches that, when looked at from an unfortunate angle, one would see the faults.
Thus, epoxy floor Orlando reigns as your most wanted coating solution to save the material used as your flooring system from the toughest challenges that industrial spaces present.

contractor applying epoxy coatings on a concrete floor

Shielding the Floors from Strong Chemicals

The presence of harsh fluids, acids, oils, and other substances in high-production spaces used for industrial manufacturing is inevitable.

Based on The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), epoxy floor coatings are the most effective material that can stop chemicals from harming the surfaces in your workplace. The resin compound found in the coatings provides a protective barrier, especially for the heavy load of chemicals present in industrial workspaces.

Low-maintenance, Increased-Safety

Oftentimes, many property owners would exaggerate their maintenance process just to make sure that they are providing the utmost safety. And safety is indeed of the highest importance among industrial workspaces.

However, you can focus more on safety by maximizing your effort to give other safety aspects attention rather than showering your efforts on the flooring conditions. Epoxy floorings can definitely help you improve in that area.

The material is low maintenance while maintaining a 100% safe floor that repels moisture that causes slips. It enhances the resilience of the floor to prevent the forming of cracks and holes and can decrease workplace accidents by 40%, thanks to its slip-resistant surface, according to the Journal of Industrial Safety.

Versatile Flooring that Meets Specific Needs

Epoxy floors are highly customizable, and they can be tailored to fit specific needs, especially the unique needs among industrial settings.

A case study featured in Architectural Digest demonstrated that custom epoxy flooring not only enhances the aesthetics of your workspace but also boosts employee productivity by 15%.

So, whether you’re in the Orlando area or anywhere else, epoxy floors are the super shield you need. To learn more about industrial epoxy floors, give your concrete floor contractors a call. Reach out to professionals like us at the Epoxy Floor Orlando, and let’s make your concrete floors super!

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