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Adding Industrial Style To Your Home with Epoxy Floors

Think industrial home styles, and you will immediately picture New York-style apartments with clean, sleek spaces, chic and modern ambiance, and neat outlines.

It features glam with a vignette of grunge. You can sum industrialized home styles up into raw but polished words.
So, with no further ado, we will unveil some tips and hope to add this interior motif to your homes. Also, we are going to explore further its flooring aspect. The use of epoxy perfectly fits into this paradox of styles that are 100% modern!

So, if you think of your homes enhanced with epoxy, this is for you! You are also welcome to consult with Industrial Epoxy Orlando home installation experts to learn more about this innovative product.
But if you want to drive into the world of modern industrial design, keep reading!

Achieving Stylistic Modern at Home with Industrial Epoxy Floors

Industrialized styles offer practicality and comfort. It puts function over form most of the time. However, you can achieve both and not worry about facing its cost. That is why epoxy floors are considered an essential part of modern homes.

Epoxy floor coatings are no longer bound to public spaces like gyms, restaurants, and labs. Even in your homes, you can achieve its benefits, especially those that offer comfort and safety. Commercial epoxy floor coatings are best known for providing highly resistant floors. 

Dirt and stains can easily be brushed off the surface. Even under heavy wear and tear, the surfaces remain neat. That is the paradox of industrial epoxy flooring. The constant exposure to elements does not reduce the performance of the flooring material. Messy floors and high-activity spaces are also present in homes. 

That is why many modern homeowners are also looking into the use of epoxy. Now, you can also use it and achieve style all at once. Comfort and style at home is no longer a paradox. You can start by asking for a consultation with the experts at Industrial Epoxy Orlando.

Different Ways to Style your Homes ala Industrial-Modern

Strike a balance between style and comfort, practicality and design, ease of movement, and pleasing visuals with easy-to-maintain epoxy floor coatings. Resurfaced your floor spaces at home with it. The result would surprise how epoxy can easily fit with your modern lifestyle.

Heavy-duty Floors for Garage Action

When commercial spaces need a fix for their heavily stained floors, they make use of industrial garage floor epoxy. Often, epoxy coatings are the main choice for showrooms, public parking spaces, forklift areas, and the like.

But now, you can add epoxy to your home’s interiors. Interior garage floorings, often enclosed in the dark and underground, will be your burden no more. Get help from industrial-grade epoxy and experience life-changing results while keeping up with your garage.

sliding door in the garage room with lights

Laundry Room Floors Wet for the Weekend

Weekend laundry makes the washing room flooded with bubbly water and soap. Slippery floors will pop like a bubble when you make epoxy flooring the room’s interior surface.

Resin coating makes a dense, high-friction surface, which is why even with water making your floors wet for the entire weekend, no one will slip and fall doing laundry.

laundry room with washing machine and a pile of laundry detergents

Mudroom Floors for the Soles

Mudrooms are practical places to store dirty shoes and kick off the dirt from the soles. This leaves you facing frequent messes in the foyer of your home. For mudroom surfaces, choosing Orlando epoxy flooring turns out to be a great choice. In addition to being easy to maintain, it can withstand heavy foot traffic

mudroom floor with comfy chairs

In the Kitchen: Busiest Rooms in the House

Kitchens require flooring that is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. Industrial epoxy flooring is a fantastic choice for kitchen floors since it can tolerate spills, grease, and hard use.

Finishing with Style

An industrial style for your home means embracing the raw, rugged charm of urban landscapes within your living space. Be inspired by the themes and styles created by industrial epoxy flooring that finishes every flooring surface with style.

Industrial style is the marriage of form and function, where old meets new, and the result is an effortlessly chic, warehouse-inspired sanctuary.

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