How to Achieve the Liquid Marble Metallic Floor Design

Once you have chosen the color and finish of your liquid marble metallic floor, the next step is to take the necessary steps to ensure its proper installation. You need to ensure that you have thoroughly prepared the surface before installation.

Prepare it by removing any existing coatings or residue or cleaning and prepping the surface for installation. The process will lead you to achieve the liquid marble metallic floor design.

gray themed kitchen with marble floor

1 - Preparing the Surface

Prepare the surface for installation by removing any existing coatings or residue and cleaning it thoroughly. The surface should be clean to prepare it for coating.

Remove any debris that can hinder the installation process. Specks of dirt and foreign objects can create bumps and inconsistencies during installation.

Usually, pros know how to handle the process very well. These professionals will do and help you understand the flooring process. Get a quote from metallic epoxy flooring contractors Orlando to get started.

2 - Choosing the Color and Finish

Choose the color and finish of your liquid marble metallic flooring. There are several colors and finish available for your choosing. You may weigh your choices considering factors like the price, the design, and longevity.

When choosing the color and finish, it is best to talk to experienced installers from Metallic Epoxy Floor Orlando, FL, or you can conveniently search for metallic epoxy floor installers near me. It helps you can save time and effort installing the metallic floor yourself.

3 - Getting the Correct Measurement of the Area

Measure the area you will cover with liquid marble metallic floor. The correct measurements will help you calculate the material you need to order.

Getting precise measurements can be tricky. It could be challenging if you need to be more knowledgeable about the installation process. Start measuring from edge to edge to get the exact area measurement. Make sure to account for the correct quantifications when buying the materials for flooring installation. This way, you can save your resources and ensure you only buy the amount you need for installation.

man measuring the floor with a tape measure

4 - Order Enough Liquid Marble Metallic Flooring to Cover the Area

It is better to have excess than to cut short with the mixtures. However, it is also great to have a proper estimate so you will not spend too much on your liquid marble metallic flooring materials.
When preparing for metallic epoxy flooring, getting someone who knows the job enables you to have the installation process worry-free.

5 - Install a Vapor Barrier As Prescribed by your Manufacturer's Instructions

A vapor barrier is a material that removes and prevents moisture from forming on your concrete floors. Vapor barriers are ideal in areas where there is always moisture.

There are several kinds of vapor barriers. It is advisable to check for the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the vapor barrier will be purposeful.

6 - Using a Roller and Liquid Marble Adhesive

Apply the adhesive to the surface according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Doing so enables you to have that metallic marble effect flawlessly.

The process may require experience and in-depth knowledge of metallic floor installation. So, it is practical to ask for professionals to do the job. You can look for a metallic epoxy floor near me on the internet to help you or ask your local floor installers.

7 - Place the First Panel on Top of the Adhesive, then Use a Rubber Mallet to Secure It

Make sure that you are proportionate in placing the first panel. Ensure there are no empty spaces beneath it to prevent cracks and crisps in the future.

The first panel will be your guide on the succeeding panels. So, make sure you do it right. Using a rubber mallet enables you to secure the panel together.

8 - Continue to Lay Each Panel, Using a Level as You Go to Ensure a Flat Installation

Be careful in leveling the first panels with each other. Check if the alignment of the panels is perfect.

You can use any leveling device to check if the panels are flat on the surface. This process can be very challenging, but you can ask Orlando metallic epoxy floor for convenience.

9 - Grouting the Flooring Panels

You can use a liquid marble solvent solution to grout the flooring panels together and remove any excess adhesive that may be present.

Choosing the correct type of solution can help you have a smooth and clear marble metallic effect on your floor design. You can use an adhesive that can bind the panels together very well.
You can scrape the excess grouts on the floor. You can also use any solution that will not destroy your floor panel designs.

10 - Curing the Area

Allow the area to cure for at least 24 hours before walking on the surface or installing furniture.

An uncured floor can result in easily damaged concrete floors. Curing the area enables the panels to develop strength and bind together. The process will also make the floor last longer and improve its durability.

11 - Floor Maintenance

Proper floor maintenance makes it durable and functional for the long term. It maintains the look of the marble metallic floor design.

Clean and maintain the floor according to manufacturer instructions to ensure its longevity and beauty for years!


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