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In the lively city of Orlando, where an active and vibrant lifestyle meets the culture of theme parks, the look beneath your feet often gets overlooked. 

Traditional flooring may not capture the essence of your space or keep up with the latest trends in innovative flooring solutions. 

Metallic Epoxy Floors, Orlando – your go-to solution for upgrading residential and commercial spaces with cutting-edge flooring systems.

More than the look, Metallic epoxy is a flooring system that includes many benefits. With Epoxy Orlando, you will achieve durable, beautiful, and personalized floors. Epoxy with metal-like tones and patterns mixed on the coating performs as a sealer on the surface.

In addition, epoxy seals the strength of the concrete. The top layer resists abrasions, scratches, and stains in several forms. Invite the professionals over to your place. Our team offers a free estimate for your flooring projects.

Get flawlessly finished and modernized floors in your business spaces or at home. Get in touch with us now! Let us make your dream flooring come true!

The Benefits of Metallic Epoxy

Epoxy products create great appeal to the cold, bare concrete. The look improves—the strength increases. Plus, the benefits laid for you on the floor leaps!

A popular variation of epoxy flooring is with metallic paint chips and flakes, providing a range of decorative options. These types of floors are distinct, adding metallics to your space, creating a lustrous, glimmering top layer that not only shines but also offers protection.

Commercial and small retail spaces very much love the metallic epoxy floor coatings. With its one day install technology, the floors in a business area will have attractive flooring instantly. There is no need to stop the workflow too, as the maintenance of these coatings is minimal. Let us get one by one to each of the benefits of metallic epoxy, from the range of decorative options to the shine, protection, and low maintenance it offers for concrete floors in businesses.


If a seamless surface is not enough and you need an extra factor to revamp the floors, use metallic epoxy. The polished concrete enhances its flawless look by adding some luster on the surface. The floor glimmers. The top layer is smooth and even, free from dents. Truly, polished floors get more attention. Furthermore, it is not an attention-getter. Know why next.


The polished, clean, glimmering floor sustains itself. You do not have to worry about how to keep the flooring in good shape. The epoxy coating makes the top surface very dense. The stains will be removed easily.

The distinct look of the metal-like surface can hide the stain. Also, as this flooring type increases its durability, it resists impact. It won’t wear and tear due to high-foot traffic.


Talking about high resistance, the benefits epoxy gives is absolute. The surface makes heat, water, extreme force, and tough stains canceled.

  • Resist Heat. The exposure to vehicle tires and machinery risks the floors’ quality. Heat reacting on the concrete or cement can leave dark marks that will be hard to erase. 

The coating adds a protective layer that insulates heat. This way, the surface, when touched with a heating machine or tires, the surface won’t burn.

  • Waterproof. What can waterproofing benefit you? Well, a lot! It makes the surface safer to walk on. It prevents slipping by adding traction. It also protects the floor from moisture build-up or excessive dampness. If you keep an underground space of the enclosed room, water can damage the concrete by softening its surface and substrate, too, when epoxy enhances the floor by making it water-resistant. You can save your properties from damages, also accidents.
  • Skid-resistant. It does not only protect the surface from the damaging components of water; the added traction is purposely made for the anti-skid property. If the garage floor are wet, it is slippery no more. 

Most of the surface keeps dry because of the liquid forms into small pellets. It leaves most areas free from any solvent. So no one will slip if accidentally stepped in a wet area. It dries fast too.

  • Impact-Resistant. The resinous layer added on top of durable concrete results in 300% strength. This is why commercial and industrial spaces come after this floor for its super-resistant property. 
  • Resist Abrasion. Keep the floor looking new and polished by preventing it from scratches. Busy spaces are prone to receive falling objects. They are contacting materials that have sharp edges. Scratches reduce the value of flooring. The metallic floor can tolerate such activities. 
  • Customizable. Using metal chips additives is controllable. You can decide on the number of additives to achieve the look you want. This flooring technique offers a dozen color options too. You can have your contractor work on a style and shades of colors you like. 

Pearlescent Floor: Delicate But High Performing

The metallic patterns created by this flooring system give a dimensional effect. When the epoxy is installed, the metallic additive in a powdered form continuously flows. It moves on the drying mixture. So, when cured, the result is a pearlescent surface, mimicking the skin of a pearl. That is right. Having these floors is like keeping a precious gem.

So what options do you have?

Dual-tone. The base mix, epoxy, is added with metal paint chips. The base color you can choose can be brighter or darker than the metal chips you have. So the effect is a dimensional dual-color blending on the bottom surface.

Monotone. An exact, plain iridescent flooring is a perfect monotone epoxy metallic. The amount of metal paints or chips is used mildly. It focuses on bringing out a crisp but delicate shimmer on the floor.

Metallic Epoxy Services

Old or new, deep or shallow cracks, epoxy flooring fixes! If you have existing concrete, you can avail of a top coat sealing. It makes a flawless, durable, and lustrous surface for your floors.

Free- Estimation

Ask our team of professional contractors and installers to have a look at your property and identify the best solution for you. With that, we give a free-estimation of the cost for your flooring project. 

To give you a brief, the cost you need to prepare for involves identifying what degree of repair or resurfacing you need. The size of your property and the additives and materials you want to incorporate. 

You can contact us. Our friendly customer service will guide you!

Surface- Preparation

Installing high-tech flooring techniques need an expert to produce a flawless job. Most clients would want to cut the cost by presenting to do preparation themselves. But it only leads to more expenses because when experts handle it next, they need to do the job again.

It is good to have professionals prepare and check your floors before any activity. Our team has the proper tools and proficiency to complete the job, start to finish.

Epoxy Coat Design

Our team works with professionals who are also keen to design. We have masterful designers to come with custom epoxy floors for you. Also, what is important is to come up working with the clients’ visions, a perfect match of colors and style that suits their spaces’ look and theme.

Top Coat and Sealer

Maybe what you need is a quick fix for your existing concrete. Either it would be best if you had a refinished topcoat or transform the surface with protective layers of resinous sealers. Our team can offer you a resurfacing process to ad style and add strength to your old floors.

Coating Removal

Need remodeling? This time you might think of renewing a previously applied coating. It could also be a change of design or color theme. You need a coating removal. Yes. We can do it for you! 

This job is tricky so leave it in the hands of professionals with years of experience. Coating removal is crucial. Exceptional knowledge of concrete must ensure that the substrates will remain intact when peeling off an old concrete coating. Call the experts.

Installation: Retail Stores, Industrial Complexes, Restaurants, and more

Industrial spaces. Metallic epoxy floors do a superb job in beautifying large scale facilities. Due to its massiveness contractors, even clients do not want to focus on bringing attractiveness in the area. Have metallic epoxy achieve it for you. You do not need any complex planning, and our team of professionals will do it. Our contractors will choose the right patterns and styles for your high-function properties.

Commercial spaces. It is a cost-efficient solution for areas that are made for business—no room for interruption.No hassle when you need renovation. Epoxy installation is fast. The coating can cure in just one day. If you like epoxy and need a chemically resistant coating, we can upgrade it for you. Epoxy installation with seven days’ curing time will suit your needs. 

Residential properties. Metallic floors look good on kitchens at home. Or, you can turn your basement into a leisure or function room. Epoxy coating is perfect for this purpose.

Places where you can have metallic floors:

  • Retail Spaces

  • Business spaces and Offices

  • Restaurants and Food production facilities

  • Buildings, Schools, Companies

  • Hospitals and Laboratories

Call us today at (773) 825 8618. Find out more about epoxy services and products that you can incorporate into your Orlando properties!

Offering a variety of metallic epoxy coatings, our experienced and skilled team provides customized solutions for garage floors that enhance beauty and resist spills and chemicals; contact us for a consultation and receive a quote, backed by a warranty that ensures satisfaction for all our customers.

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