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Epoxy flooring isn’t just the best choice for new properties; it is also perfect for as a flooring system for properties looking to upgrade their aging concrete floors. Orlando Epoxy specializes in installing custom flooring solutions for commercial and industrial properties in Orlando looking for budget-friendly long-term solutions. With epoxy slurry floors, we are able to install troweled epoxy on top of worn concrete floors to disguise deterioration and provide a new surface for use. We use only the best high-build epoxy on the market and our special slurry powder that gives your floors brand-new strength and resiliency.

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How We Install Epoxy Slurry Floors in Orlando, FL

Orlandoans deserve the best in flooring solutions. That’s why we are proud to provide a unique and long-lasting solution for old and deteriorating concrete floors – epoxy slurry. An epoxy slurry is different from regular epoxy floor coatings in that we mix in aggregates with the epoxy to create a denser and thicker material that can be effectively troweled onto floors. While other contractors may use sand or silica powder to create a slurry with epoxy, we find that results can be inconsistent with materials. That’s why we only use our special slurry powder that is finely-grained and that produces the same results every time. 

We mix the slurry on-site by carefully measuring the correct materials and mixing them together with an industrial-strength hand mixer. But before we apply the epoxy slurry mixture, we first make sure it can properly adhere to the concrete underneath. That means thoroughly cleaning the surface of debris and dirt, and grinding down the cracks to show the raw concrete underneath. Depending on the damage, we may also decide at this point to mend any cracks with our epoxy patching compound to ensure the smooth application of the epoxy slurry.

When the floors have been prepped and the material has been carefully mixed together, we can begin to trowel on the material. This involves spreading out the material and using trowels to evenly distribute and lay down the material. 


Making sure the application is even is a delicate job that requires a professional eye and skilled workers. Once the epoxy slurry has cured, it is difficult to make corrections to any patchy or uneven parts of the floor. That’s why we take our time completing this step.

When the epoxy slurry has been applied, we can apply our polyaspartic topcoat to seal everything together and ensure extra strength and durability.

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The Benefits of an Epoxy Slurry Flooring System

Covers up old concrete

Not only is old and cracked concrete unsightly in any commercial and industrial space, but it can also be extremely dangerous to leave untreated. Cracks are tripping hazards and can lead to dangerous accidents, especially in industrial properties where heavy machinery is in use. With epoxy slurry, we are able to cover up and fill in cracks on your old concrete floors. You thus essentially get a new floor without paying the price of ripping out and replacing your concrete floors!

Unmatched durability

Epoxy is well-known for its strength, which is why it is the preferred flooring material for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. But with the epoxy slurry material, epoxy becomes even stronger with the addition of a slurry powder that serves as aggregates to make the epoxy liquid thicker. You may think you have experienced resilient floors, but with epoxy slurry, you are sure to be surprised by the sheer strength of your flooring. You won’t have to worry about any damage resulting from pressure, weight, stains, or chemicals.


While we are essentially resurfacing your concrete floors with epoxy, you may be surprised by how long-lasting our epoxy slurry solution truly is. Because of its resiliency against any damage as well as the strong bond we create between concrete and epoxy slurry, you will not have to worry about choosing the flooring again for a long time. With Orlando Epoxy, we guarantee a professional and semi-permanent installation that won’t let you down.


If you looked into other solutions before finally deciding on epoxy slurry, you may already know that replacing concrete floors is an expensive and lengthy process. This is because concrete slabs, especially ones that are older, need a lot of specialized equipment to effectively remove them. But with an epoxy slurry installation, costs are much lower with better advantages. Even if you were to replace concrete with concrete, there is no telling when it will inevitably start cracking. But with an epoxy slurry overlay, you save money at the same time you extend the life of your concrete floors.

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