How Temperature and Humidity Affect Your Epoxy Floor Installation

The epoxy floor is a good option for aesthetics and functionality in various settings, starting from traffic commercial spaces and finishing with cozy garages. 

In Orlando, where the climate is one of a kind, one must first understand the temperature and humidity management to ensure that the durability and visual appeal of the finish are not affected during the installation of your Orlando epoxy floor. This guide will enable you to traverse these challenges efficiently.

application of epoxy floor on the surface

Understanding Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring consists of two main components, resin and hardener, which, when combined, give rise to a strong, durable, and resistant floor. Epoxy floors, the best for industrial projects, commercial areas, and residential garages, are about more than just durability but also an aesthetic transformation of spaces.

How the Climate of Orlando Impacts Epoxy Installation

Orlando’s climate is marked by high humidity and extreme temperature swings, which can have devastating effects on the cure of epoxy. The curing process evaluates the strength and integrity of the surfaces.

  • Temperature: The epoxy is best cured at 50 to 85°F, which is the ideal temperature. Extreme temperatures outside these levels can cause improper curing.
  • Humidity: Instep epoxy resin is incompatible with moisture particles in the air. High humidity can be an enemy of proper soda-lime glass curing, which may result in blushing or a cloudy finish.

Ideal Installation Conditions for Epoxy Floors

  • Ideal Temperature: During the applying and initial curing stages, maintain air, substrate, and material temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Controlled Humidity: To install your flooring correctly, achieve a relative humidity of under 60%.

Challenges During Installation in Orlando

  • Moisture Control: Garages are usually damp and humid, and dehumidifiers control the air moisture.
  • Temperature Fluctuations: Since temperatures can suddenly change during an average day in this area, installing the system when the weather is suitably mild should be prioritized.

Preparing for Installation: Hints and Little Secrets

  • Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is completely dry and free from oils, dirt, and other debris.
  • Weather Forecasting: Look in the local weather forecast to find the perfect weather days for the event.
  • Professional Consultation: Always seek experts specializing in installing commercial epoxy in Orlando for the most productive results.
man in full gear applying epoxy coating on the surface floor

Hiring an Epoxy Expert

By having your epoxy flooring installed by a professional service, you can rest assured that it is correctly adhered to and durable. Experts provide knowledge on the local climate, which might not be the same everywhere, and it will ensure that your floor is good-looking and robust

Services include using industrial epoxy Orlando, designed explicitly for that purpose, and high-performance options for commercial spaces and homeowners.

Keeping Up With Your Orlando Epoxy Floor

  • Regular Cleaning: Make the floor free of grit and dirt that would otherwise abrade the surface.
  • Moisture Check: Inspect for possible moisture signs constantly and quickly attend to issues to control further damage.
  • UV Protection: UV-resistant topcoats will be very useful for protecting the ship from Florida’s intense sunlight.


In Orlando, installing the Orlando epoxy floor, regardless of the temperature/humidity condition, is the secret to its success. Whether it is garage epoxy floors in Orlando or the commercial space, looking into these factors will significantly impact the life span and, of course, the quality of your flooring surface.

Are you in need of an epoxy flooring service? Contact us now to arrange a consultation, or visit our showroom in Orlando. Let us help you achieve the perfect floor solution tailored to Orlando’s unique climate challenges.

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