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5 Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

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Your dream flooring that delights your residential and commercial spaces is attainable with an epoxy flooring system. The innovative, long-lasting floors commonly used by industrial and business properties are now turning up in several homes around many states. Your number one epoxy flooring contractors in Orlando is here to grant your desire for an epoxy flooring installation.
Epoxy flooring is getting popular these days. Wanting to have a product that is recommended by many is not bad, especially if it brings cost-effective solutions to building your home. You may already have heard about the durable, fashionable, and economic advantages of epoxy flooring. There are basic types of epoxy flooring that you need to know. Having this knowledge will get you to jump-start in making a plan with your contractor today!

Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor

self-leveling epoxyA fast and easy-to-install epoxy flooring is the self-leveling epoxy. You might have taken a good look on your concrete floors, and you see that they are still good and sturdy. But, you see that an epoxy flooring enhancement will further preserve the quality of your concrete flooring. Well, do not think twice, because self-leveling epoxy flooring answers your need. Self-leveling epoxy is common among manufacturing and commercial buildings. It has a simple set-up that contractors can instantly craft into your existing flooring. Have that upgrade with an epoxy flooring right away!

Self-leveling Epoxy looks good in:

  • Warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Kitchens
  • Garages and workshops
  • Offices and retail buildings

Self-dispersing Epoxy Floor

self-dispersing epoxy floorTraditionally, epoxy flooring systems are solely used among industrial and commercial spaces. Restaurants, medical labs, machine shops, and factories mostly use the self-dispersing type of epoxy flooring. The self-dispersing flooring is the basic type among epoxy-based floor solution that is known for producing high resistant surfaces. With this type of epoxy flooring, accidents are eliminated because of the adhesion system it provides on the floor. Use the self-dispersing epoxy in places with highly-industrialized activities, for safety and efficiency.

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Food centers
  • Facilities
  • Hotel Kitchens
  • Residential houses

Terrazzo Epoxy Flooring

seamless terrazzo epoxy floor on hotel stairsThis next type of flooring is probably the most common flooring system we see. Terrazzo epoxy flooring is utilized frequently in highly public places like malls, hotels, restaurants. The name might just sound foreign, but this is a highly industrialized type of epoxy flooring. It captures the classiness of high-end commercial spaces, but its use is not limited to that. The terrazzo epoxy coatings are turning up in residential houses today.

Create classical flooring systems in:

  • Residential spaces
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Malls
  • Company buildings

Mortar Epoxy Flooring

mortar epoxy flooring in a factoryIf you are looking for 100% solid coating and massively durable concrete flooring, the mortar epoxy flooring system is for you. A heavy-duty flooring system, such as a mortar epoxy floor, is the strongest of all epoxy floorings. It is highly resistant to stains, chemicals, water, oils, and heat. For this power-packed flooring system, the installation cost is low. It can be installed directly on existing slabs, wasting no resources, and raw materials.

Mortar epoxy floors are best for:

  • Sports centers
  • Stadium
  • Facilities with heavy machinery
  • Factories
  • Auto shop centers
  • Residential areas

Thin Coats Epoxy Flooring

man applying thin epoxy coating on a garage flooringIf you need a quick fix, especially for residential flooring, you have the thin coating epoxy floors. This has innovatively enhanced the home’s interior providing homeowners with the durable quality of industrial flooring systems. It maximizes safety and a home’s aesthetic beauty all at once. It is an instant makeover for homes with a thin coat epoxy flooring system.

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